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Transport Your Backhoe Into or From Pennsylvania

Going by appearance alone, a backhoe can absolutely be an intimidating piece of machinery. This heavy piece of excavation equipment has a large digging bucket attached to an articulated arm. It’s this impressive stature that allows this machine to do the hard work it needs to do so you can complete jobs on time and on budget. It’s also the kind of heavy equipment that’s not easy to move from one physical site to another location. And this is preciously why you’ll want to make your top choice for Pennsylvania backhoe transport!

Backhoe Transport Pennsylvania Transporter
Backhoe Transport Pennsylvania Transporter1

Time-Saving Heavy Equipment Transportation

What makes us stand out as a heavy equipment and vehicle shipping company is our ability to quickly adapt our services to fit customer needs. We do this with backhoe transport by providing a hassle-free service that’s efficient and affordable. Take comfort in knowing you’ll be working with a well-prepared and well-equipped backhoe hauling company with specially designed trucks and trailers designed to haul backhoes of all shapes and sizes. What this ultimately means for you is the ability to save time and money by putting our backhoe transport pros to work for you.

An Experienced Backhoe Hauler and Vehicle Transporter

Experience is what sets us apart as a backhoe and crane shipping company – and it can definitely make a big difference in the results you get! is backed by an extensively trained team of loaders, drivers, and customer service representatives.

Our licensed, bonded, and insured staff has received advanced training in all aspects of the backhoe, heavy equipment, and vehicle transport process. All this experience is clearly evident in the results we routinely deliver for anyone in need for prompt, reliable PA backhoe transport.

Convenient Pennsylvania Backhoe Transport

Why hire a vehicle shipping company also specializing in heavy equipment hauling for backhoe transport? If this is a question you are asking about now, convenience is one of the top reasons to take this step. After all, it’s not too many business or farm owners who have immediate access to large-scale hauling equipment designed for shipping purposes.


Typically, a DIY approach to PA backhoe transport often involves renting expensive equipment and either training existing staff or hiring temporary loading and shipping workers. A much easier and convenient way to get your backhoe where it needs to go is to give us a call. When you do, you’ll have instant access to our resources, skills, and expertise, not to mention our trained staff and specialized equipment.

How It Works

The simple process of utilizing our services delights customers. We supply a quick three-step process:

First, contact us and provide some basic information about your vehicle / equipment and your intended destination.

Second, we’ll determine essential aspects of the project and prepare a detailed proposal.

Third, if our proposal meets with your approval, simply assign this project to us. Once the preliminary conditions have been satisfied, we’ll pick up your boat at the designated time and transport it overland to your requested destination.

Reliable Backhoe Transport Service

We’re a backhoe transport and crane shipping company that has earned a solid BBB A+ rating. We’ve also earned hundreds top-level reviews. It’s consistently reliable customer service that has helped keep customers consistently satisfied with our results. We look forward to soon including you among our growing list of satisfied customers.

Getting Started with a No-Pressure Quote

All you’ll need to do to start is give a call or reach out to our team online via our website. You’ll then have a chance to give us important details, such as how many backhoes you need transported and where they need to get to – and when you need this equipment to be where it has to go. Once our friendly, knowledgeable customer service rep knows the details of your desired backhoe transport, you’ll receive an honest, accurate quote for your approval; but you’ll be under no pressure. The quote is free, and it’s entirely up to you to decide if you wish to schedule transport of your heavy equipment beyond this point.

Arriving with Everything Necessary to Get to Work

Our meticulous approach to Pennsylvania backhoe transport includes being well-prepared for each job. Our loaders and drivers will arrive at the location for pick up with the right tools, accessories, and equipment transport vehicle needed for the job. Our dedicated and well-trained team will properly load your backhoe, and it will be properly secured and prepared for safe transport.

Pennnsylvania Transporter Backhoe Transport

Why Choose Us for PA Backhoe Transporter

We’re an experienced DOT (Department of Transportation) approved heavy equipment and vehicle shipping company. is even approved to transport government vehicles. We’re also a company that stands out because of our thorough knowledge of the type of heavy equipment our customers often need shipped or hauled.


Even when only shipping a single backhoe, we understand that such equipment can easily cost thousands of dollars. Smaller backhoes can be just as much of an investment, with average prices starting at around $25,000. Making repairs to this type of equipment can be equally costly, as can the delays in project completion that may occur from not having access to a backhoe.

In other words, we realize there’s no room for error. Fortunately, when you hire us for backhoe transport, our team will take the precautions necessary to ensure your equipment arrives on time and in the condition it was in when we arrived. As one of our customers you can also expect:


  • Affordable vehicle transport and heavy equipment transfer
  • The ability to transport anywhere in the US
  • Free, honest quotes

Managing Logistics to Allow for Timely Results

What makes the premier heavy equipment transport company is our ability to stick to schedules and keep timeliness in mind. Because of the nature of the work backhoes often do, it’s not unusual for such equipment to be needed ASAP.

We help our clients get their equipment when it’s needed in its destination by finding and using the most efficient route possible. Our drivers know PA roadways and other common routes that allow loads of this size inside and out. Traffic flow patterns are also kept in mind to further minimize delays and provide the timely results our customers expect.


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