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Transport Your Boat Into or From Pennsylvania By Land

We pick up and deliver all types of boats for our customers. We convey maritime craft safely from one destination to another. We use exclusively land routes. Ask us to carry your boat into, from, or across the State of Pennsylvania. Perhaps you’ve seen ads in Philadelphia or Pittsburgh newspapers for boat transport? Headlines like “Ship Boat Across The Country” or “Transport Boat to Another State” interest many boat owners. Relocating a heavy boat involves challenges.


Unless you own a powerful vehicle with excellent towing capabilities, moving a big boat usually proves expensive, too. Our customers appreciate our competitive pricing. We furnish turnkey boat hauling company assistance.

A Potentially Difficult Item to Transport Overland

Moving valuable boats overland demands attention to many important details. First, maritime craft vary widely in terms of size and weight. A skilled transporter appreciates the vital importance of matching every boat with a suitable carrier.

Second, accidents involving the transportation of boats impose significant liability on boat owners and carriers. Today, a yacht usually represents an important financial investment. When you ship your boat, you need to know it will arrive in good condition. You don’t want to discover it requires extensive repairs due to faulty overland transportation.

Number 1 Transportation Company For Boat Dealer And Boat Yards

We offer a premiere service, in fact. We promise you’ll enjoy red carpet treatment when you entrust your boats to our care. Whether you own a boat manufacturing firm, a rental fleet, or a single vessel, we know you’ll appreciate us. Our firm takes great pride in supplying a superb level of customer service.

Don’t respond to generic online ads for “Yacht Transportation Company by Land” or “Ship Boat From Another State.” Choose a trusted local company with well-established nationwide and international shipping networks instead. An A+ BBB Rating really matters. Make your first choice the next time you need to ship your boat. We transport boats with TLC (“tender loving care”).

Why Relocating Maritime Craft Overland Involves Complexity

Experienced boat owners understand the challenges of relocating boats overland. While this project might appear simple, it actually requires extensive research and planning. Just consider some of the factors which make it difficult for most owners to transport their boats by land without skilled, expert assistance.

How It Works

The simple process of utilizing our services delights customers. We supply a quick three-step process:

First, contact us and provide some basic information about your vessel and your intended destination.

Second, we’ll determine essential aspects of the project and prepare a detailed proposal.

Third, if our proposal meets with your approval, simply assign this project to us. Once the preliminary conditions have been satisfied, we’ll pick up your boat at the designated time and transport it overland to your requested destination.

Many jurisdictions require special permits or insurance to transport some types of vessels. Our firm performs the research required to ascertain this information. We only entrust the relocation of your vessel to a fully trained, responsible (and licensed) driver.

As a company with nationwide business contacts, we also take steps to obtain adequate insurance coverage for every shipment. Our firm fully appreciates the importance of obtaining adequate coverage before undertaking a boat shipment. A valuable maritime craft merits this type of protection.

The problem of Global Warming continues to create disruptions for many industries. Harsh weather patterns pose a serious concern for boat owners across the United States. Even when not undergoing transport, a boat may sustain extensive damage caused by inclement weather, for example.

Shipping a valued boat overland during some types of storms proves unwise. Customers don’t receive diligent service from transportation firms which fail to take this issue into consideration. We only dispatch drivers and carriers to pick up boats when weather conditions allow us to complete deliveries safely and efficiently. We don’t want to disappoint our customers by attempting to relocate their boats during unsafe travel conditions.

Today maritime craft encompass a broad range of dimensions and weights. Even within a single boat category, e.g. yachts or houseboats, these factors sometimes vary widely. It creates anxiety for most boat owners to select appropriate transport vehicles.

Why? Choosing the wrong size of carrier for your boat remains risky. If you select too small a carrier, you might sustain accidents or breakdowns along the route. If you choose too large a carrier, you essentially waste money. Count on to help identify the correct size and model of vehicle to carry your boat to its intended destination safely and cost-effectively.

Basic Information About Your Maritime Craft

In order to serve you effectively, we need to ascertain key information concerning your boat. We ask customers to supply this type of data:

Information We Supply

Our team then goes to work planning the transportation project for customers. Our customers trust us to supply the best, most direct overland route. We obtain the appropriate size of vehicle to convey your vessel from one address to another. We also determine the cost of the insurance and required permits. We’ll consider weather issues, and notify you about weather contingencies that might impact your shipment.

Finalizing The Boat Transportation Project

Our customers appreciate the ease of conducting business through We make the arduous task of shipping a boat (even a luxury yacht) overland appear simple! Read testimonials supplied by satisfied customers to fully appreciate the excellent quality of our services.

Why Select Us as Your Boat Hauling Company?

Whether you plan to ship a yacht, a sailboat, a motorboat, or a houseboat, we furnish excellent services. Our yacht transportation firm seeks to render solid value whenever we undertake a project for a customer. Today, many companies offer a variety of moving services. We’ve chosen to specialize as a boat and yacht transportation company by land. Our firm utilizes correctly sized carriers and boat-moving equipment.

Why Customers Choose

We’d like to highlight just a few of the reasons why so many customers entrust us with the shipment of their vessels:

  • Serving residents across the Keystone State;
  • A premiere boat transportation company by land;
  • Extensive experience as a luxury yacht transportation company by land;
  • Every shipping project requires insurance;
  • We consider weather conditions during shipment;
  • Competitive pricing;
  • High quality customer service;
  • Shipping using the fastest, most feasible land routes;
  • Services shipping into, from, and within Pennsylvania and nationwide;
  • Attractive discounts available in many situations;
  • Free quotes.

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Whether you require assistance in the Greater Philadelphia Area, Pittsburgh, or any other location in the Keystone State, we offer swift, dependable assistance. Our firm welcomes the opportunity to compile a free quote for you. We look forward to becoming your first choice whenever you need an excellent yacht transporter!

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