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Have you ever needed to have your car moved from one point to another, and were not able to do it yourself? From a cross-country relocation to an extended vacation down south, to taking up a temporary overseas residence

Looking for a Car Shipping Service?

there are any number of reasons to have a Pennsylvania Car Shipping Company ship your car. However, choosing a car moving company is not as straightforward as it may seem at first. There are several considerations. You will need to research items such as the types of shipping quotes, the shipping prices, the kind of transport vehicle used, as well as insurance policies. Additionally, you will want to factor in the time of year at which you wish to move your car, as well as how remote your pickup and delivery locations are. Then, there is the option of whether you would like your vehicle delivered to your front door or not. With so much to consider, it can easily seem overwhelming.

To help give you some much needed clarity and understanding, we have put together this helpful guide about the process of automobile transport should you decide to ship a car from Pennsylvania. In it, you will learn how easy and convenient it really is to transport your vehicle whenever and wherever you need it.

What Are Your Needs and Requirements?

Based on such factors as price considerations, shipping location, and speed of delivery, we would recommend one of the following auto transport quotes:

If price and affordability are your chief concerns, you will want to select a Standard Shipping Quote. This is usually the most popular option for car shipping. However, since this option is indeed the most popular, do know that you will be competing for limited space. Because of this, you likely will experience greater delays when we ship your car as compared to more expensive quotes.

If you desire to ship a car from Pittsburgh to a remote location as in the case of a cross-country or international relocation, an Expedited Shipping Quote is your best option. Of course, there are many other advantages to this option, with a faster delivery time being the most obvious. The small amount extra you pay over the standard car shipping prices goes a long way towards a much smoother and convenient delivery.

If you’re under a time crunch, consider choosing our Rush Hauling Quote. You may be paying a fair bit more than the expedited car shipping prices, but every penny spent will go towards ensuring that you receive the speediest delivery with the highest quality of service we have available.

No matter what your needs or requirements for shipping your car may be, at Pennsylvania Transporter, we will do all that we can to save you the most money with our custom auto shipping quotes!

There’s no need to worry about insurance, either! We offer complete and high quality coverage for vehicles on both our open carriers and enclosed carriers, whatever your requirements may be!

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car?

Aside from the Transport Quote you select, our shipping costs will vary based on a diverse set of factors, including the method of transport used, the season of the year, and the shipping destination.

Method of Transport

We will transport your car using either an open-air transport trailer, or the more secure enclosed box trailer. The open air trailer, since it can transport more vehicles at once, will be the cheaper option of the two. Do be aware that shipping your car in an open trailer increases the risk of theft or damage from exposure to the elements. Shipping times may be longer due to the larger volume of cars to be delivered.

On the other hand, our enclosed trailers offer much greater security and excellent protection against the elements and external damage, and so we charge a much higher premium for their use. However, since the enclosed trailers do carry less, we are able to make deliveries faster than with our open air trailers.

Of course, we do offer full coverage insurance for vehicles shipped on both the open and enclosed carriers. Rest assured that your car will be in good hands using either transport vehicle.

Seasonal Rates

Our shipping rates will vary based on the time of the year, with the highest rates being in the wintertime. We may be something of a snowbird auto transport service, but the road and weather conditions in winter and the distance to warmer destinations such as Texas and Florida require greater expenses that we must account for. This is especially the case if you request that your vehicle be delivered to your front door.

Shipping Location and Destination

The pickup location of your car, as well its intended destination also factor greatly into the final cost of shipping. The cost of shipping a car to or from an urban area is a good deal cheaper than shipping to or from a location in the countryside. Whether your location is rural or urban also affects the cost of our door-to-door delivery service, with delivery to rural residences being more expensive

How Do You Go About Shipping a Car?

On our end, shipping a car depends upon many factors outside of our control such as the travel distance, weather conditions, road conditions, traffic flow, and whether the customer chooses door-to-door delivery. For you, the customer, shipping a car is simple process:

How to Find the Best Deal and Avoid the Headache

We know there are many companies out there who would readily accept your business, but could leave you feeling let down or ripped off for some reason or another. To help sort this out, we’ve compiled a short list of tips to help you find the best deal you can when choosing your car transporting service. Here’s what you should look for to find a great deal on automobile shipping:

Picking the Best Car Shipping Company

You likely have a large selection of car transport companies to choose from, each having their own unique worth and strong points.

Here at Pennsylvania Transport, for example, we can confidently offer you a guaranteed pick up date as part of our top-notch and reliable service. With our industry leading shipping quotes, you will find that we are able to give you the most affordable way to transport your automobile to wherever you need it, in the most timely manner possible. Our veteran truck drivers will ensure that your vehicle is treated and delivered with the utmost care and safety. They are among the most capable and experienced drivers in the industry.

We at Pennsylvania Transport believe that, when it comes to transporting your vehicle, peace of mind only comes when you work with the right people in the right company. We are confident that you will see us as those people and that company, allowing you the peace of mind you desire and deserve.

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